Azura Haze


Azura Haze cannabis strain by Crop King Seeds is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It
rows tall and bushy, with compact buds growing on tight stems. The avours are
smoky and range from earthy to sweet. THC is unocially measured but
measured in the low 20s. Ideal for daytime usage.
Type of High
Azura Haze cannabis strain’s high is strongly introspective and will help you
explore your inner self, laced with imagination.
Breeder: Crop King Seeds
Lineage: Azura Haze cannabis strain is a cross between Blueberry and Lemon
Hazecannabis strains

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Azure Haze is fathered by a male that is
one step closer to the parental genetics (in
this case, an f4 Blueberry) than the Blue
Dream father (an f5), thus making it a
distinct hybrid. Azure Haze presents a
fruity palette of terpenes and an upbeat,
long-lasting high that slowly gives way to
deep, dreamy relaxation. Its THC content
can generally be measured between 18-


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