California Trainwreck

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Look – Dark and light green buds with a few dark orange hairs and an abundance of crystals that give it a silvery hue
Smell – Earthy, citrus, Pinesol. California Trainwreck strain has the type of scent that will tickle your nose hairs.
Taste – Hindu Skunk is very smooth on the inhale with a slight sweet taste followed by an earthy Kush taste. It has little to no expansion, so novice smokers don’ t have to worry about going into a coughing fit.
Effects – This legendary marijuana strain is one of a kind, it literally hits you like a train wreck, because you immediately feel it’ s cerebral effects. At first it is a mind fuck, but then it chills out into a nice euphoric and relaxed feeling.
Medical Uses – Stress, Anxiety, Pain Relief, Depression

1 review for California Trainwreck

  1. stoner

    Where the hell is good shit far from me, damn how I wish your shop was here. 5 star yo got

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